Getting Started with CAA RADE

CAA RADE is the C++/Java API for CATIA. RADE stands for "Rapid Advanced Development Environment" (or something close to that). Unlike the VBA interface for CATIA, the programming environment does not come with the typical CATIA license. A separate license is required for CAA RADE programming. To be able to program in CAA RADE you should follow the steps below.

  1. Create a Framework
  2. Create a Module
  3. Create a Toolbar
  4. Create a Command
  5. Understand the CAA RADE Part Document
  6. Create a new Part
  7. Open a Part
  8. Use the Part Specification Container to create features
  9. Create a Point
  10. Create a Line
  11. Create a Loft
  12. Create a Spline