Using the Part Specification Container

As explained in Understanding the CAA RADE Part Document the part specification container contains the part design features.

Once the specification container has been obtained from the Part Document it can be used to initialize factories used to create features like points and lines.

The factories are initialized by setting them equal to the specification container pointer. The following code initializes a few commonly used factories:

CATIGSMFactory_var spGSMFactory = NULL_var;
CATIPrtFactory_var spPrtFactory = NULL_var;
CATICkeParmFactory_var spParmFactory = NULL_var;
spGSMFactory = pSpecContainer;
spPrtFactory = pSpecContainer;
spParmFactory = pSpecContainer;

The CATIGSMFactory is used to create points, lines, lofts, splines and other geometry in the part model.