Launching a Use Case CAA RADE

There are many use cases in CAA RADE that give examples of how to perform a given set of functions. These can be very handy when learning how to do use new classes and factories. To build and launch a use case follow the instructions detailed in the following path:
C:\Program Files\Dassault Systemes\B18\CAADoc\Doc\online\CAADocUseCases\CAADocRunSample.htm

Follow the instructions under "Step-by-Step with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET" until you get to the section entitled "Launch the use case". You will need to follow the below instructions to launch the use case.

1)Right click the module(.m) file that you want to run (it will be the same name as the use case you want to run)

2)Select "Set as StartUp Project"

3)Go to Project->Properties->Debugging->Command Arguments

4)Type in the command arguments necessary for the command (normally these are part file names)

5)Hit CTRL F5 to run (not just F5)