Access a Part's Parameters

Warning: This code is a work in progress(doesn't work yet) It is possible that a parts parameters could be accessed by creating a CATIParmPublisher_var and initializing it with a part's Specification Container.

CATIParmPublisher_var  spParmPublisher = NULL_var;
spParmPublisher = pSpecContainer;

Then just ask the children of the Parm Publisher.

CATListValCATISpecObject_var ListFound;
CATClassId interfaceName = "CATICkeParm";    //this line doesn't work yet         

This doesn't work because I don't know how to get the ClassID of the CATICkeParm interface.

Details for using the list can be found by searching the CAA V5 Help Viewer for CATLISTV(CATISpecObject_var).
You'll need the following include:

#include "CATLISTV_CATISpecObject.h"